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Model Retouching

Photoshop product retouching or model retouching Service is very creative image editing job. Photo Retouching Service include improving brightness, colors, removing stain and scratch, yellowish or partial damage from photos.

  • Product image retouch
    Product Retouching is a generic term for a variety of adjustments we can make. Product photo retouching is used to hide the flaws of the product, remove crease, and highlight the attractive features of the product.
  • Model image retouch
    When product images are clicked with models, model images needs retouching. We do this by creating an additional selection (path or a mask) of the model’s skin (face, hands, legs, etc.). Color values are measured and corrected.

Model / Product Retouching Service

  • Services:Model Retouch, Product Retouch, Photo Retouching Service
  • Price:Starts from 0.50 USD Per Image