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Clipping Beast is a professional photo editing service and photo retouching company that provides all kinds of image editing service like Photo Retouch, Wedding Photo Editing, Photo Enhancements, Image Manipulation, Clipping Path, E-commerce photo editing service and much more.

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Why Choose Clipping Beast?

Services that we offer are professional photoshop services. If you are looking for photo editing companies for quality photo editing services, we are a giant photo editing service company. Besides we call ourselves as the best clipping path service company for all your photo editing needs.

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High Standard Quality

Quality is what everyone seek for. We ensure maximum quality that all these striving years have taught us.

Fully Automated System

Our fully automated web application helps you to manage and assign your photo editing job very efficiently.

Super Fast Delivery

With the capacity of 100+ photoshop professionals, we can deliver you processed images within 24 hours.

Client Satisfaction

Satisfaction of clients is what has made us alive for the last 8 years in providing best image editing service.



Our Photo Editing Service includes – Clipping Path, Masking, Model Retouching, Ghost Mannequin, Natural Shadow, Product Reflection and Recoloring.


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Exquisitely unmatchable

Photo editing services

Pictures speak louder than words. If you wish to lighten up your e-commerce website and your business, Clipping Beast offers you unmatchable product photo editing services including the ones mentioned below.

Photo retouch

Photoshop image retouch is a very creative image editing job. Retouch includes improving brightness, colors, removing stain and scratch, yellowish or partial damage from photos. Clipping Beast ensures you as one of the best photo retouching company that you will ever come across.

  • Product image retouch
    Product Retouching service is a generic term for a variety of adjustments we can make. Product photo retouching is used to hide the flaws of the product, remove crease, and highlight the attractive features of the product.
  • Model image retouch
    When product images are clicked with models, model images needs retouching. We do this by creating an additional selection (path or a mask) of the model’s skin (face, hands, legs, etc.). Color values are measured and corrected.

Clipping path

As a clipping path service provider, we deliver accurate handmade clipping path, which is crafted with the  reliable Photoshop pen tool.

Some of the most common clipping path services are clipping path with white background, clipping path with custom colorization and clipping path for color separation, also known as multi-path.

You are at the right stop if you are looking for the best clipping path service company.


Apart from being a clipping path service provider, Clipping Beast also provides masking services like fur and hair masking, translucent masking, transparent masking, alpha channel masking and color correction masking.

Color Correction

Color correction is also among the most demanded photography editing services. We correct color values and any color dispositions.

These can be white, grey or black values, but also incorrect distributions of Reds, Greens, and Blues. Curves and levels can neutralized for photos with flares. Clipping Beast provides you all kinds of color correction jobs.

If you wish your art to become the spotlight, remember us for color correction and all other kinds of photo editing services for photographers.

Image Shadow and Reflection

Shadows add a realistic feel to the product image and very helpful in attracting the customers. Clipping Beast offers various services in relation to shadow which can be classified as:

  • Reflection shadow
    Reflection shadow is the one that is formed when the product is placed on a shiny surface. If you want to add a reflection shadow to the product, you can avail our professional shadow adding services.
  • Natural shadow
    Natural shadow is the shadow which is formed adjacent to the product. With the help of shadow adding, natural shadow can be added to a product image.
  • Drop shadow
    Drop shadow is formed beneath the surface of the product. It is a software generated shadow. By availing professional services by Clipping Beast, you can add drop shadow to your product images.


Recolor technique is used a photo shoot of any garments like jackets, sweaters, vests, shirts, undershirts, etc. – but also for pants, dresses and skirts to give different color taste to your client. Recoloring is used with processes such as Removing the creases, Reshaping and Cleaning.


Want to know what exactly we can do for your images?

Clipping Path, Masking, Model Retouching, Ghost Mannequin, Natural Shadow, Product Reflection and Recoloring are the photo editing services that we offer. These services also have solutions for different image formats as per your needs. Besides, we accept a large variety of popular image formats too. So there is nothing to worry about converting your images to other formats while placing your order for editing. We have known to be one of the most demanded clipping path service companies in the world.


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